Chitpur, one of the many unregistered slums in Calcutta, is a hellish slum where people live crammed into plastic and bamboo hovels and earn their living by recycling glass containers. 

Even the children, instead of going to school, join the adults in shredding glass bottles, with their bare hands. It was not possible to open a school centre here, both due to the lack of space and the total indifference of the local authorities, for whom education has no value.

So we thought of an alternative solution to send these children to school: we bought a  bus and modified it inside to function as a real classroom. The new 'four-wheeled classroom' accommodates the children of the slum in different shifts, stationed during the day in different areas of the neighborhood to facilitate access for all. 

It is only through education that these children can change their future, develop more qualifying skills to aspire to more dignified occupations than those of their parents, thus achieving, in the long term, an overall improvement in the living conditions of the entire community.


Number of children attending the class: 60


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