To get the thousands of children in Kolkata who live on the pavements, on the train tracks, or in the slums off the streets and away from exposure to abuse, violence and misery, Skychildren runs several education centres, where children can prepareto enter or re-enter the formal school system.The children range in age from 4 to 14.

Many of them come from families whose parents make their living through illicit or risky activities (drug trafficking, illegal liquor production, sex trade, rag picking) and they themselves often engage in a variety of small trades to supplement their parents' meagre incomes. For this reason, our school centres are open at times that are compatible with their occupations in the markets (as tea sellers, shoe cleaners, small porters) or in their family businesses, which are normally active in the early hours of the morning.

The children who attend our centres receive education, books and school materials, a meal and psychological assistance. In this way, they are motivated not to drop out of school and receive support with homework assigned by the government schools (for those who manage to attend them), as they cannot rely on help from their (usually illiterate) parents. In addition to traditional education, various practical activities are taught (yoga, dance, sports, theatre, poetry, music and arts and crafts), which help to overcome barriers in the classroom, build confidence and make children more self-sufficient and able to defend themselves.

Il Psychological support is very important for these children who are exposed from an early age to the risk of abuse and dangerous environments. Since 2014, we have included the presence of a permanent psychologist in the centres throughout the week and have seen immediate and tangible benefits.

The project has proven to be very successful in the rehabilitation of school-age children and their inclusion in the official school system and has a positive impact on the entire community.

Results achieved

Children enrolled in Skychildren Centres: 712

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