Skychildren Onlus is entitled to receive the "5 per thousand" from those who explicitly request it.
To be able to make this choice it is necessary to communicate our tax code to the accountant or to the Caf: 94621150153

This is not an additional amount of taxes, but rather allocating 5 per thousand of the taxes you already pay to a specific purpose.
The indication of the 5 per thousand to Skychildren must be made on the tax return, single form, or form 730, or by filling out a statement of your Cud to be returned signed to the employer. For any information or clarification do not hesitate to contact us at

Il vostro 5 per mille sarà per noi una donazione estremamente preziosa (che a voi, ripetiamo, non costa nulla perché prelevata comunque dallo stato).

The 5x1000 is a totally anonymous document, the institutions eligible to receive it will never know who they received it from as the Revenue Agency does not communicate the name of the donor and the amount of the 5x1000. Each individual organization participating in the 5×1000 will be globally credited with the sums allocated by those who have indicated the organisation's tax code plus a share coming from the total distribution of taxpayers who have not specified any beneficiary despite signing in the box corresponding to the category to which the organization belongs. organization (volunteering, scientific research, health research).


Here are some examples of how your contribution will be used:

Contact us, we will be happy to answer your every curiosity about our mission!

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